No Results From Brazilian Butt Lift?

what do you do if your butt is not big enoungh or even round? i wasnt even in the begining. im only 2 weeks post op. what do i tell my doctor, and can anything be doone at this point

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No result after BBL

  You should see a result at this point. Other than fat you could consider an implant but this will generally only fill the central portion of the buttocks and not the roundness along the trochanteric region.

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What can be done to the buttocks if the results from the BBL are unsatisfactory?

It is important to wait at least 6 weeks after the BBL before the preliminary result can be appreciated. If at that time it appears that there has been significant absorption of fat or jsut simply insufficient augmentation or that there is a need for further contouring then this may be attended to after three months. You should discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

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2 weeks after a Brazilian butt lift

Thanks for your question.  After a Brazilian butt lift, it is very important to remain patient and wait for all the swelling to subside before judging your final results.  This may take about 3-6 months.  After this time period, you can re-assess your results with your surgeon and decide if you need a revision or touch ups.  Also make sure you are compliant with your surgeons post-op protocol such as post operative garments as these will affect your results.  Good luck!

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