Is it possible that the radiesse got under my levator labii alqaque nasi muscle?

3/4's of a syringe was injected in the little triangle areas where the underside of the nose and upper nasolabial folds meet. Initially, the levator labii nasi muscles were hard and swollen. My doctor said it was just swelling of those adjacent muscles to the injection areas. After 2.5 weeks, the swelling has subsided some, but the muscles still seem somewhat hard and puffier than before, making my folds look deeper. My concern is that the radiesse seeped under the muscle. Is this possible?

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#Radiesse migration

Radiesse has a very high cohesivity and does not migrate. Even when injected, it does not like to be massaged into a different shape or location than when injected.  This is a desirable quality for certain areas of the face, but makes it undesirable for other areas such as under the eyes.

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Could Radiesse have seeped under the muscle

Radiesse could not have seeped under the muscle. It would have had to have been injected there originally. Radiesse is a much denser filler than hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, so more than likely the hardness you feel is the actual filler material itself.

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