Minor Surgery for Rhinoplasty?

I Had my first nose job 5 months ago, and recently went back to my doc. for a follow - up and he said he didn't like the thickness at the bridge of my nose ( which I've noticed and don't like either) and that he might have to go back in a break the bone at the bridge, but he did say it would be a minor surgery. How much would it cost if it was a minor surgery?

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Surgical correction fee

Revision work is, unfortunately, a part of plastic surgery.  This fee is surgeon dependent.  If I encounter an outcome that I would like to improve in one of my patients, I try to perform the revision under local anesthesia if at all possible.  If this can be done, there is no charge.  When things must return to the operating room, this topic becomes more challenging.  The anesthesia may be costly.  It depends on the center and the surgeon.  Most surgeons try to minimize the fee of revisions or not charge for them at all, but it depends on the overhead of the practice. Good luck

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Minor rhinoplasty

Only your surgeon's office can quote his or her price to you, and therefore, get the price in writing in advance from the office. 

Of greater concern however is the nature of your question.  To narrow the bridge, you cannot just redo osteotomies, but must again create an open roof by lowering the dorsum.  This is NOT minor surgery, and if your dorsum is fine, you do not want it lowered any more.  My advice is to communicate in more detail with your surgeon about the proposed revision.  You need to understand indications, operative plan, expected outcome, and potential complications.  Ask him or her to draw pictures representing the anatomy until you understand, and be sure you agree.

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Cost of Revision Nasal Surgery

Every surgeon has a different philosophy regarding charges for revisions of their own work. You should feel very comfortable in discussing this with him/her because your surgeon has been very honest in critiquing the results of the first operation.

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There is no such thing as minor surgery

My fellowship director, Dr. Willam Silver, would always ask patients "What is the definition of minor surgery?"  Patients would usually look at him perplexed and he would then say "Minor surgery is surgery performed on someone else!"  It does sound like your surgeon wants to do a limited revision.  I would ask prior to undergoing this procedure as there will likely be anesthesia fees, facility fees, and possibly a surgeon fee. Warmest regards,

Gregory Pippin, MD

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Rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty

Fees should be evaluated according to what is going to done, what facility and under what tuype of anesthesia.  This should be discussed with your surgeon.

Rhinoplasty cost as secondary procedure

If the surgeon also did not like something about his work, he probably won't charge you a surgical fee.  However, depending on the structure of the surgery center, there may be some cost associated with the revision.  The costs generally are related to anesthesia (if required), or the facilty itself.

Surely he can provide that information to you.

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How much does refracturing the nose cost?

Each surgeon has his own policy on charges for secondary surgery. The word "minor" is variable with what exactly is to be done. He will tell you what his policy is if you ask.

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