Synthetic Filler Vs Fat Transfer for Minor Smile Lines

Please refer to the photos. You may note that I have some drooping on the right side of my face. If you believe this can also be mitigated using fat transfer or injectables, please indicate as much in your response. Also, please focus your reply on AESTHETIC considerations. Thank you.

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Fillers are not the answer to many aging face issues

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The photographs you submitted do not show a situation I might be able to improve with any type of filler. Perhaps if you were to be seen in person, I might think otherwise.

San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

Radiesse or Artefill do good in nasolabial grooves.

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Radiesse ($630/syringe) or Artefill ($1000/syringe) do well for the nasolabial grooves and is easy to get injected.  Usually 2 syringes plumps the areas quite nicely.  Fat grafting doesn't seem to stay in place in this area very well.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fillers for nasolabial fold

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If you are asking is one better than the other the answer is it depends. Each filler has its own pros and cons. Also there is more than 1 type of synthetic filler again each has its own pros and cons. If the injection is done improperly you will have a problem no matter what is injected. In general synthetic filler injections are quick, easy, reliable with little downside when done properly. Fat injection is less reliable in terms of survival of the injected fat but you can always inject more and whatever takes or survives is permanent. The only real drawbacks to fat are additional incisions required to obtain the fat, no available fat for harvest in thin people, operating room use, and if you gain weight the injected fat can increase in size. The fat does not know it's in a different part of the body and will increase with weight gain as it would have in the area it was taken from.

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Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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