Best Treatment for Minor Skin Tightening of the Abdomen?

I am interested in any type of laser or possible creams. This is mild skin tightening for aesthetic reasons. My skin is just starting to become lax, and I'm not comfortable in a bikini anymore. I am quite thin and have good muscle tone.

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Dear KISS,

You haven't given us any information on your age, whether you had pregnancies, whether you smoke. All of these factors and more will affect the recommendations. Your best option may just be to moisturize your skin frequently, if you don't already. Abdominal skin rarely becomes significantly "looser" from the aging process alone, unless you've had pregnancies or significant weight changes. Beware of gimmicks. Thermage, Smartlipo, Accent are all somewhat expensive and don't work for every patient. A good bottle of moisturizer may save you thousands of dollars. KISS

Try Thermage.

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Hi! In New York City, we have had good results with Thermage for patients like you (the stomach is one of the areas where Thermage can work well).

It has to be done just right. You need a lot of energy and a 900 pulse head must be used.

You might like to read my blog entry for 6/25/08 about Thermage (although that is primarily about the face).

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Smartlipo MPX might be a good choice

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For minor skin tightening without significant recovery, Smartlipo MPX may be a good choice. In this office procedure a laser is used under your skin to help promote tightening. It does not achieve the same results as, say, abdominoplasty, but can achieve very nice results. If you post a picture, we may be able to give you more specific advice. Good luck.

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