Reduction of Minor Nasal Hump Possible?

I have a hook nose I would like reduced. I have an edited profile image of myself. Is this outcome possible with only a slight hump reduction (only rasped, not removed), or will something else need to be done to get the desired result (hump removal, osteotomies, tip raise, etc.)? Will this procedure require less than the usual Rhinoplasty procedure? Thank you very much.

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"Minor' Nasal Hump

Rasping is one technique used to remove a nasal hump.How much is removed will determine if the bones have to be broken and repostioned in addition to the rasping. Reviewing your excellent pictures, it will probably be necessary to remove some cartilage from the profile line. These procedures will not raise the tip. There is no "usual" rhinoplasty because this surgery is always individualized. You have obviously thought abut the changes you desire. Schedule a consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Rhinoplasty; Subtle Hump Removal

Hi Frank,

Great question and photos.

I often use computer imaging as you have done to plan rhinoplasty. The subtle removal of your hump can be performed by shaving off some dorsal nasal cartilage and then carefully and meticulously rasping (sanding down) the boney portion of the hump.

Your desired outcome is reasonable and should be attainable. I have many subtle rhinoplasty patients pictures where their are 3 profile photos. The "before", the "computer image", and the "after". It is surprising how close the imaging and after result can be when both the imaging and the surgery are performed properly.

Be well.

Dr. P

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Profile reduction without osteotomies is limited

Based on the imaging you did of your profile, I would say it is possible to get that change without osteotomies. However, if you were my patient, I would have to have the option of doing bone work if your profile reduction resulted in an "open roof" deformity during the surgery. This is a situation in which, due to profile reduction, a gap exists between the nasal bones along the bridge.

If you think of the nose like a triangle, then removing the top of it results in a space between the two sides. Osteotomies are done to move the bones together again in the midline, remaking a narrower and shorter triangle.

I would have to examine you and see how long your bones were. Longer bones would increase the likelihood of needing osteotomies. Whether or not an open roof occurs also depends on how thick your bones are to begin with. Men tend to have thicker bones than women, so that is going in your favor.

Your tip position and size look appropriate for your facial structure. You might require a small graft to maintain the tip position. Again, that would depend upon the examination specifically.

Finally, you might also consider a chin implant, as that would strengthen your profile and simultaneously de-emphasize your nose.

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