Minor Fat with Some Skin Tighting Needed on Upper Abs - Options for a Male? (photo)

I had a lypo + mini tuck done but the doctor did not touch my upper and upper-mid abdominal region. Now I have a super great waist with a protruding upper ab region. Doctor says that tickle lypo will target the fat area but I have been reading about other non-invasive proceedures. Of these Ultrasound machines like Liposonix have peeked my curiosity. I would like to know what proceedure will be safest to do since it is my upper ab region and the fat is minimal and skin is loose.

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Best Management of Unfavorable Outcome requires Recognition of Problem....

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Hi there-

It is very important if you are to be happy and safe, for you to realize how you got here, and to understand why you look the way you do. This will make it easier to understand what you need to do, and why other options won't actually help you. In plastic surgery, we all feel better when we can tell patients what they want to hear- but sometimes being a good doctor means telling people the truth- even when they might not like it.

First of all, the reason you look the way you do, with a protruding upper abdomen, and with loose skin in the area, is because you had a mini-tummy tuck. As this procedure only targeted your lower abdomen, you are now showing the classic deformity- flat lower belly, with improved waist, and protruding, funny looking upper abdomen.

Without examining you it is very difficult to know what would be best, and it would be irresponsible to guess, but please be cautious of those who would offer you improvement through liposuction.

I too do several forms of liposuction, and even Coolsculpting- but would never let a patient like you believe that deformities caused by skin laxity can be improved through procedures targeting fat.

As hard as it is to think about, it may be that your best option is going to be management of the upper abdominal skin through a more complete tummy tuck technique- without examining you it is difficult to say, but based on your photo and your complaint, it would be my opinion that this was probably your best option in the first place. 

If this is the case, you got here because you (and/or your surgeon) opted for the "short-cut" approach... I don't think that pursuing more short-cuts (quick and easy procedures) is going to give you what you want.

Your best bet is to understand how your prior decision making was flawed, and choose the option that definitively deals with the problem once and for all.

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