Minor Chin Implant Shift - 6 Years Post-Op

I have been experiencing paresthesia and minor visual asymmetry since my silastic chin implant shifted about ten weeks ago. What options do I have to improve my condition at this point? Can the implant be replaced? My surgeon recommended removing the implant, but ideally I would just like to have it fixed back in the proper position. Is this possible? Is it a straightforward procedure or does it involve significant risk? Would sliding genioplasty be a good choice?

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Chin implant rotation or displacement

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Sliding genioplasty is often the treatment of choice following implant removal. The other alternative is an implant which is smaller laterally and is fixed to the bone such as a medpor implant.

Chin implant

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There is a reason your surgeon is recommending the removal of chin implant.Have another opinion and follow the advise of your surgeon. There should be a good reason for his/her advise

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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