Do my implants look normal? 3 weeks post surgery. (photos)

3 weeks ago, I had 304 Natrelle Silicone implants placed under the muscle. I believe at moderate profile. After evaluating my breasts, he was very confident I could go with 304cc under muscle with no lift. I wanted a more natural look yet fill my skin. I breastfed my boys for over 2 years and clearly my saggy droopy boobs are proof! I understand 3 weeks post op is too soon to start judging my results but these just don't look good? There's extra skin hanging off the bottom & very discouraging.

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Breast augmentation-3 weeks post-op

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Judging by the photos you provided you may have benefited from a small breast lift accompanying your breast augmentation surgery. What you are noticing is the laxed skin over your implant which makes your nipples sit lower on your breasts. Since you are still early in your healing process I suggest giving your body time to heal for the next couple of weeks. At that time I encourage you to discuss these concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck! 

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Breast augmentation results 3 weeks postop

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Hi, so far this looks like a beautiful result.  Based on these photos I don't see any extra skin at the base of the breast.  Your implants will definitely settle and move into position by about 6 months after surgery, so it's too soon to get worried.  I can't judge the upper pole of the breasts as they are covered by the compression strap.  I would address any concerns directly with your surgeon as well.

You are in the initial settling phase still at 3 weeks post-Op from a breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question and images.  You appear to be doing great, I see good symmetry and cleavage. You appear to have some loose tissue in the lower half of your breasts.  In my opinion over the next four to six weeks as your implants "settle" this should improve significantly.

We ask our patients to massage regularly, and use the upper chest strap to assist in this settling.  Please address this with your surgeon as to his/her's preferred post-operative protocol.

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