What would hypoplastic asymmetric breasts look like after explant? Is fat transfer possible to smaller breast? (photos)

I have grade 4 contraction (painful) and need to have a 4th surgery. Surgeon and I have not yet discussed options. MRI is scheduled. I am considering removal w/o replacement but am very concerned about appearance. What would they look like with explantation? Is fat transfer to the smaller breast an option? Surgeries as follows: 1. '96 (17 years old): mastopexy on left to correct tubular, saline implant on right 2. '99: burst implant, replaced w/saline 3. '03: burst, silicone in both breasts

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I would recommend explantation and capsulectomy on the affected side.  Also a revision lift on the more ptotic side for symmetry.  Finally, fat grafting to both breasts to increase volume and improve symmetry.  Fat grafting is an excellent option for you since you are young and the fat should take very well and preclude any further capsule formation.   Best wishes, Dr. T. 

Implant removal

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It is hard to predict what the two breasts would look like after removal, but often the two will sag a bit. You likely will need some sort of lift, but if you started off with severe asymmetry they will likely be the same after removal.

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