Upper eyelift type and undereye wrinkles/bags/dark circles treatment? (Photos)

I am a 40-year-old Korean female interested in an eye lift. 1. Photo #1 is what my eyes look like normally, without smiling. I am interested in an eye lift of the upper eyelids so they look closer to Photo #2. One surgeon recommended a traditional blepharoplasty. The other recommended a brow lift. Which one is right? 2: Photo #3 is when I'm smiling. Do I need plastic surgery to minimize the undereye wrinkles/bags/dark circles? Or is there another option?

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You don't need a brow lift but you do need a little crease.

You don't need a brow lift but you do need a little crease.   I think an anchoring technique Asian eyelid surgery would do well for the upper eyelids along with skin removal. If you want the appearance to be very natural the way you have simulated it to Crease needs to be very close to the eye lash line.  For the lower eyelids hard to tell from your photos but you might benefit simply from Botox and filler or a conservative lower eyelid blepharoplasty may be good for you.  Chase Lay MD  Asian eyelid surgery specialist 

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Upper lid Blepheroplasty

Based on the pictures posted, your eye brows are in good position and needs no brow lift.You seem possibly to have droopy upper eye lid and need ophthalmology evaluation for eye lid ptosis.Lower lids need nothing, unless the photos do not show the herniated fat. That needs in person examination.In general you need in person examination by a Plastic Surgeon and Ophthalmologist  complete examination.Then a proper plan can be discussed with you.

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Blepharoplasty vs Brow Lift

In general, although brow lift does lift the upper eyelid skin to some extent, it's primary goal is to lift the eyebrow position and rejuvenate the forehead. On the other hand, upper blepharoplasty is done to address the issues related to the changes that occur due to aging. In my opinion, your desired outcome is probably best achieved with traditional blepharoplasty. With regard to your lower eyelid, since your main issue is the bagginess due to excess fat, and dark circles, the best option, in my opinion, would be lower blepharoplasty.

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