How severe are my breasts? (photos)

How severe are my breasts? What kind of surgery do I need to seek? How many steps should I be looking for when consulting Dr's? Any recommendations for surgeons experienced with this condition in or near Minnesota?
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Overall each analytic component is mild to moderate and should respond well to surgery

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Thank you for submitting your question with photos.  While photos have limitations, we can see evidence of breast asymmetry with the left breast envelope large and more ptotic (saggy) than the right and enlarged areola with left areola larger than the right.  The actual nipple position appears only slightly lower on the left. Your breast volume is similar on both the right and left, while the actual breast volumes are on the small/moderate scale.  Overall each analytic component is mild to moderate and should respond well to surgery.  

A visit to a reputable surgeon will allow you detail your goals of surgery (ie. desired volume and tolerance for potential scarring) and permit your surgeon to detail a surgical plan (breast lift +/- augmentation) that fits your goals.  Minneapolis/St. Paul is home to a number of excellent plastic surgeons.  I suggest your start your search with the list of regional certified plastic surgeons who are members with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.   

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