Would you suggest a root canal or 2nd opinion?

I have a permanent cap on my last back molar. This tooth has no other teeth next to it. It has developed a small black pinprick looking hole on the top. It was looked at a year ago and I was told it may be a wear through of the porcelain exposing the metal but nothing suggested to repair it. The tooth is only slightly sensitive. Went in for another reason and this tooth was looked at again. I was told I should get a root canal. I keep wondering if it couldn't just be patched or? Thanks

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Is a root canal needed? #DrSoftTouch

The dark area you see on your crown is not indicative of a root canal. If the crown is worn and no protecting the underlying tooth as it should, I would recommend replacement. Unfortunately, without an x-ray it's impossible for me to determine if the tooth needs a root canal. I would recommend speaking with your dentist about your concerns. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

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Root canal


A dark hole is not indicitive of root canal.  It is best to test the nerve of the tooth as a first step to see if there is any nerve damage before starting the work.


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Root Canal?

That dark spot you see on the top of the cap would not necessitate you needing a root canal. Unfortunately, without seeing an x-ray I can't comment on whether or not your tooth needs a root canal. It's also difficult to repair wear on a cap because there would be no room to place some type of filling on the cap unless a hole was drilled into the cap to create room. Probably not necessary. 

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