Solutions for uneven gums? (photos)

My gum line is uneven and fairly low. Would contouring with lasers be an option? Any other possible solutions?

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Gummy Smile

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Laser treatment is an option. One of the most important steps is to have x-rays taken in order to properly diagnose your condition. If you have altered passive eruption, you may need more than just laser treatment as some surrounding bone around your teeth may need to be removed to create a long-lasting result. Otherwise, the tissue could actually grow back. From your photo, I don't see extreme changes in the margin of your gumline. I suggest that you have an exam with a periodontist to explore your options before making a decision.

Gummy Smile Correction

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Hi and thank you for your question. Contouring with lasers is an option for your concern, although there are many techniques to contour the gums. I would recommend that you visit a periodontist so they can further asses you and give you the best possible solution to your gummy smile. Best of luck!  


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A simple laser procedure can be done to contur your gums to be even. 
There is no down time and will look amazing right afterwards :-)
Best of luck! 

Mahtab Partovi, DDS
Los Angeles Orthodontist

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