Sciton vs CO2 for wrinkles/aging? Long term?

In terms of what eradicates wrinkles the most efficiently and won't be needed again longest in the long term? I read somewhere that once you do a CO2 laser you won't really have to do it again, but the surgeon I go to only has sciton. I'm interested in which will be best for preventing aging wrinkles/loss of firmness etc. and which will be best long term and which's effects will last the longest? I hope you have a good day!

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Sciton vs CO2 for wrinkles/aging? Long term?

Thanks for your query. Co2 is a non ablative fractional co2 laser while sciton works on erbium yag. Both follow the principle of causing thermal injury which causes collagen remodeling giving a resurfaced skin and visible improvement in skin tone, texture, fine lines and acne scars and marks. Sciton comes with various models, by far the sciton halo works better for aging as it not only works on fine lines but also works on sun damaged skin giving a visible flawless skin in few sittings but it has a drawback as it comes with downtime and visible scabbing can be seen. Hope it helps

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Sciton vs CO2 for wrinkles/aging? Long term?

There is no simple answer to this question. CO2 lasers are considered the "gold standard" but it depends on how much energy is applied during treatment. Sciton makes different types of lasers so without more information, it is not possible to compare. 

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