Best scar strips for anchor lift w/implants with sensitive skin? (Photos)

I am getting a full breast lift in December. I have sensitive skin and I'm allergic to band aid cohesive specifically on my chest. Which scar strips are the best for me?

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Scar strips after surgery

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It is always best to ask your PS but I provide NewGel silicone sheeting strips for all of my patients after surgery. Silicone sheeting products have been shown to soften and fade scars sooner. I have used it for years and feel it does speed up the recovery process. Best Wishes

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Scar therapy after surgery

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Thank you for your question and photos.  Best to ask your surgeon, but I recommend silicone therapy.  Silicone strips or gel are the only treatments scientifically proven to improve scar appearance after surgery.  In my practice, I recommend Biocorneum silicone gel.  It is very easy to use and quite effective.  Regards,


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