Hi , I want to get rid of of my love handles and stomach.

I am 27 years old guy with 6 feet height and 215 pounds weight.I would like to loose my love handles and stomach fat. What is the procedure followed and how long does it take for the treatment and recovery.How much does the treatment cost?

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Liposuction or Tummy Tuck

Thank you for your question!   I would suggest you seek a board certified plastic surgeon and have a consultation.  It is hard to tell without a physical examination of your body what exactly you need.  Best of luck!
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In person exam required

Abdominoplasty treats the skin excess and muscle weakness of the abdomen, as well as any fat that is between the belly button and the pubic hairline. Liposuction treats only fat. It can be used to thin out the abdomen, but the skin must be in good condition with no excess, and there should not be muscle weakness. I do not like to combine abdominoplasty with liposuction because of the added risks of fluid collection under the skin, and wound healing problems as well as a significant increase in the risk of blood clots in the legs and lungs (VTE).

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I want to get rid of of my love handles and stomach.

Thank you for your question.  Without photos, it is difficult to assess what procedure might best help you achieve your goals.  There are non-surgical methods of fat reduction available, such as CoolSculpting or Vanquish to help reduce love handles and stomach fat without surgery.  These are in- office procedures that often require more than one treatment session for optimal results. The benefit is that they require no downtime which is appealing to many men. They are best suited to people who have isolated areas of fat that are resistant  to diet and exercise and are within about 10-15 pounds of their ideal weight.

Otherwise, liposuction, which is a surgical procedure and has a bit longer recovery, can remove more of the fat in one session and provide additional body contouring.  If you have excessive loose skin, then a tummy tuck might be recommended for best results.  This is a much bigger procedure and requires about 2 weeks of downtime.

All of these procedures have advantages and disadvantages and you would require a physical exam and consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine which procedure is best for helping you achieve your goals.  The prices for these procedures vary widely and should be discussed at the time of your consultation. 
Please see a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in body contouring for best results. 
Best of luck to you.   

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Hi, I want to get rid of my love handles and stomach.

Thank you for your question.  Though nothing replaces an in-person examination or full series of photographs, most patients benefit from a combination of a tummy tuck and liposculpting to remove love handles and excess stomach skin.  This may take between 2.5-3.5 hours in the operating room, with most patients able to return to routine activities between 1-2 weeks.  Cost will vary across the country and it would be best to see a number of board certified plastic surgeons in your area for a series of estimates.  Hope this helps.

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