Question: How exactly is Fraxel laser different from dermapen in the treatment of skin texture ?

As I keep reading and reading, I am getting the impression that my concern about deep pore or orange peel type skin texture might be better treated with Dermapen type treatment because laser might make it worse. I understand the level of experience with laser may make a big difference, the Dermapen seems more reliable. Back to the question: How exactly are the result of Dermapen and Fraxel Laser different ?

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Microneedling vs Fraxel

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Both microneedling and Fraxel produce tiny injuries in the skin while leaving surrounding skin intact.  This type of treatment is called fractional treatment.  Microneedling uses multiple small needles while Fraxel uses a laser beam.  For microneedling we use the SkinPen and it has become one of our most popular treatments.  Because Fraxel is a laser, which is an expensive machine, it will be more costly than microneedling.  I would suggest seeing an experienced cosmetic dermatologist who could guide you on what type of treatment would be best for your skin.

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Dermapen versus Fraxel

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Dermapen is now unfortunately not being made in the US but you can find Eclipse Micropen.  One main difference is that you can do microneedling on all skin types.  Fraxel works on pigmentation for the 1927 setting which microneedling does not.  For acne scars, both work, but it depends on the depth of scar and skin type which laser, including eMatrix might be better for you.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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