What procedure could I get to reduce the size of my forehead and where could I get it done?

I have a naturally high hairline that looks disproportionate to the rest of my face. I want to have my hairline lowered and my brows raised.

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You may be a candidate for forehead reduction surgery.

You may be a candidate for forehead reduction surgery.

You need an examination of your scalp and understanding of risks with realistic goals/expectations.

One risk is that forehead reduction surgery leaves a scar on the hairline no matter which surgeon or type of surgery performed. However, most of these scars are not as noticeable depending on how the individual heals. One limitation is that it does not round out the face (temple corners).

Hair transplant surgery may be an option for a forehead reduction. Hair transplant surgery does not leave a scar on the forehead. It actually can give you a natural and soft hair line as well as rounding of the temple corners. Like all cosmetic surgery, how "natural" this may look depend on the artistry of the surgeon. Hair transplant surgery limitation is that the results are not immediate and the growth will not be as "full" as a forehead reduction surgery.

You can see examples of hair transplant surgery results in the VIDEO.

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Hairline lowering and facial feminization. .

Hairline lowering and facial feminization. If the scalp is mobile it is a simple operation done with an Irregular Trichophytic Incision. If the scalp is tight I use a tissue expander. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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Forehead reduction

In order to do a forehead reduction,. an incision is made at the hairline and the scalp is undermined and brought forward.

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HIgh forehead

You can have a forehead shortening surgery to improve the appearance of your forehead.  This is usually done with an incision at the hairline.  Dissection is done over the top of the head, to free up the skin there.  The skin on top is then advanced and some of the high forehead skin is excised.  This will advance the hairline and shorten the forehead.

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