What is the best option for my small chin? (Photo)

I have a roundish face which makes my chin rather small I've always carried some weight under my chin even when I was physically fit.. so what Would the best option for my chin getting rid of under chin fat or expanding my chin. Thanks!

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Probable good candidate for liposuction of the chin.

I disagree with anyone who says that skin tightening technology will be of benefit. It looks as though liposuction is a definite consideration. Video imaging would be useful in determining whether or not any embellishment to the chin is in order.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Double Chin Treatment -- SmartLipo, Botox, Venus Legacy

I treat this everyday in my practice. You do not need surgery, although an implant can help give you projection.  Properly performed liposuction with laser and physical fat removal will do fantastic to remove the fat, lift the skin, and contour the jawline. I pretreat everyone with Botox 1-2 weeks before surgery to relax the neck muscles, allowing for better retraction of the skin after surgery. Then after treatment we do skin tightening with Venus Legacy to improve the results and decrease the neck swelling. I suggest you only see an expert for treatment of this area as a meticulous surgeon is required to get great results and complications in this area can be devastating both medically and cosmetically. Best, Dr. Emer. 

Jason Emer, MD
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Chin Improvement

Hi Kgb33,

Based from the available photos, I have 3 options for you, one is the least invasive approach which is Mesotherapy to localized fat on the area under the chin. This treatment will however only reduce the fat on the area. The second option is microliposuction to remove as much fat as possible, but with this procedure, there is also a possibility of the need for neck contouring, depending on the quality (tightness) of your skin on personal consultation. Lastly, chin augmentation by silicone implant may also be a good option as the prominence of the chin may mask the fat on the submental, and make the skin more tensed, therefore improve its current appearance even without liposuction.

Somyos Kunachak, MD
Thailand Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction for sub mental fat removal and chin implant for augmentation

Liposuction underneath the chin can effectively remove fatty deposits in the neck as long as the fatty deposits are above the platysma muscle.  A chin implant  can give augmentation to the chin to help with better facial balance and proportions, and is complementary to removal of fatty deposits in the neck. For many examples please see link below

William Portuese, MD
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Treatment options for small chin

It is a bit difficult to adequately evaluate you with only the pictures you have provided, but it is possible that you might be a good candidate for liposuction under your chin and chin augmentation with an implant.  Both of these procedures together can sometimes provide a better result than either procedure alone.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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