Is This Normal Healing for Two Weeks Post-op or a Dog Ear? 15 Days Post-op Breast Reduction. (photo)

I removed my remaining steri-strips today and found this odd little bump at the intersection of the areola incision and the vertical incision under my breast. My understanding is that this is normally where a dog ear will develop, but cannot find a picture of one to identify it for sure. I'm two weeks post-op from a breast reduction and my next follow-up is in two weeks. There is no pain, irritation or odd redness and I'm not overly concerned. Is this normal swelling/healing or a dog ear?

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Is This Normal Healing for Two Weeks Post-op or a Dog Ear? 15 Days Post-op Breast Reduction.

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Hello and thanks for your question.

It is OK to have some excess skin visible at 2 weeks. Due to the swelling in the breast commonly seen after surgery, this excess skin looks exaggerated. 2 things will change. The swelling will gradually decrease over the next 4 weeks and the skin will start to shrink. In 4- 6 weeks from now it will not be an issue. Even if it is, waiting for another 4-6 weeks may be all that is required. On the + side, the chance of you having a stretched scar in that area is low.

Hope this helps

Irregularities often resolve over time

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Hi. Congratulations on getting your surgery done! Incisional irregularities such as this often resolve over time. You will typically notice the pleating/runching of skin disappear by the 3-6 month mark. If it is still there after 6 months, then it will likely be there and need a revision if you wish, but again, sometimes I've seen things improve up to the 1 year mark. Additionally, some of the buried stitches in this area can cause the puckering visible in your photo, so these again take anywhere from a few weeks to months to dissolve and may be the cause of what is in your photo. 

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Dog ears after breast reduction

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Minor skin irregularities, dog-ears,  or even pleating of the skin is very common after breast reduction surgery. The majority resolve without much intervention over months. If you do not see improvement over time, it would be a simple "fix" in the office setting. Either way, I wouldn't be too concerned. You are only 2 weeks out, and appearance changes continue to improve over months. I am sure your plastic surgeon wants the best possible result for you, so if it doesn't improve over a period of observation, it will be taken care of, as we are all happy to make the result as good as possible. Again, don't stress, as the majority of these correct without intervention.

Concerns about Contour Irregularity after Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure. You are correct in that this is not an area where a “dog ear” typically occurs; however, some skin contour irregularity can occur anywhere along the incision lines. These areas often “smoothen out” over the course of the next several months and even up to one year. Therefore, not much cause for concern.

 Best wishes; hopefully you will be very pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure performed.

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