Minneapolis or Arizona Nose Rasping Procedure/Doctor? What is the cost?

All I need is my nose rasped down from a non-displaced nasal fracture that has left a small bump/callus on the left side of my nose. If I could have someone in Minneapolis contact me about pricing for such a procedure (I already seen an ENT and all that he said was needed was a nose rasping/filing) as my nose is 'perfect' in my eyes otherwise. I want to know price and the soonest I can get in for the procedure. I want to do closed approach with local anesthesia/sedation.

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Rasping the bridge for a nasal fracture

 Nasal fractures usually require osteotomies in addition to rasping. The cost of the rhinoplasty is approximately $7000 which includes the operating room, anesthesia, facility fee, and surgeon's fee.    This can be done  by closed rhinoplasty technique.

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