How long to expect healing and results from lower bleph?

How long does it take to expect 1. healing and swelling reduction 2. Results from a lower transconjunctival bleph with laser? Some people I here weeks, some people Say months and a year. I mean how long does it take before you're at least Back to normal(before results start to show.)

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Recovery time

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Recovery after blepharoplasty, regardless of the way in which it is done is relatively straight forward.  If there are stitches to be removed, it is typically done between days 5-7.  Makeup can be worn soon afterwards.  The swelling and bruising is much better by two weeks.  You can typically go back to work within a week, but people will still know you have had something done.  By two weeks, its less noticeable.  If you have a major event, I would plan for surgery at least a month before that, and 3 months is better.  Good Luck!

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Bruising and swelling after lower bleph last about 2 weeks

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Hi Nixiepixi50.  Because eyelid skin is so thin, bruising and swelling are apparent immediately.  Approximately 2 weeks later, you should be well on your way to looking "normal".  Women can wear makeup to cover residual bruising if necessary-avoiding blood thinning medications, excessive activity, using ice packs/cold compresses, elevating the head of your bed, etc after surgery are good ways to help reduce the bruising and swelling for both men and women. Biologically speaking, healing is not complete at 2 weeks.  Be sure to have a consultation with an ABPS certified Plastic Surgeon, and ask about other modalities expedite recovery (i.e. supplements, ultrasound, hyperbaric oxygen therapy).  Good luck!

Healing post lower blepharoplasty

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Unfortunately, everyone heals at a different rate.  In general, I tell my patients that in 2 weeks, they should be able to go out to meet friends and begin to do normal activities.  For all the swelling to resolve and maximum healing, it will normally take 6 months to 1 year.  Good luck!

Recovery time after eyelid surgery

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Everyone heals at a different rates but in general, two weeks is a good timeline where most if not all the bruising is gone.  Two weeks also is when I tell my patients they can wear makeup and resume normal activity such as running.   About 80% of swelling will be gone after 2 weeks and the last 20% can take up to 6 months to completely settle down.

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