Lower left IMC? (Photos)

I saw my ps today concerning my left implant being higher. It's been five months since my Surgery. He said the muscles around the higher implant healed more aggressively than the right breast and the muscles have tighten up a bit. He suggests going in thru the same incision and loosening the pocket and lowering the crease. What do you guys think of the plan? I'm afraid of complications such as bottoming out and loss of sensation. Thank you.

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Best option for revisionary breast surgery?

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I think that your plastic surgeon has described an appropriate plan (capsulotomy);  I wonder if you would be better off continuing to be patient, before proceeding with surgery, given that you are only five months out of surgery?  Best wishes. 

Uneven implants

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Hello, if one implant is sitting too high, it is generally treated by loosening the pocket and lowering the crease (i.e., inferior capsulotomy).  If your surgeon has done a proper examination he/she will be most qualified to discuss your options.

Lowering the fold?

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Hi and thanks for this question. Poor implant position is very common after breast augmentation. It's hard to second guess another surgeon especially since they have examined you and I have not at this point. I usually have patients wait a full year before doing revision surgery and to continue trying massage and a breast band. More recently, I've placed patients on singulair to help soften the capsule with some success. This approach may not save you from having revision surgery, but it may buy you more time or improve things enough to minimize what has to be done in surgery. Lower of the fold and creating a larger pocket is an acceptable form of revision surgery and may lead to a nice improvement. 

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