I have a Lipoma on my forehead about a half inch above my left eyebrow. Is there anyway to have it removed? (Photo)

The lipoma is about the size of a nickel. I talked to a plastic surgeon to get it removed... he said I would need to have general anestesia in order to have it removed bc it is under my muscle in my forehead. I just don't feel comfortable with general anestesia. Is there any way to get the area numbed to have it removed or is general anestesia the other answer?

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I have a Lipoma on my forehead about a half inch above my left eyebrow. Is there anyway to have it removed?

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  If an in-person examination demonstrates this forehead mass to be a lipoma it can be readily removed in the office under local anesthesia.  Hope this helps.

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Lipomas of the forehead are almost always under the muscle.They are usually removed under local anesthesia,nerveve block local anesthesia.There will be a scar on the forehead over the lipoma.It needs to be dissected under loop magnification to identify the nerve branches, spare them and split the muscle and then remove the lipoma.the muscle is repaired, and the skin is repaired for ideal conditions for a good scar.

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Lipoma of forehead

It is important to distinguish lipomas from osteomas or other potential growths of the forehead.  Removal of lipoma can be performed a variety of ways including the office setting under local anesthesia.  Incision placement is critical as this can further conceal the location.   In my practice, I prefer to hide the incision in the scalp to avoid visibility of a potential scar along the forehead.  

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Anesthesia for removal of lipoma on forehead

A lipoma of the forehead could be removed in the office with just local anesthesia.  General anesthesia is usually not necessary.  

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#Lipoma - on my forehead

Assuming it is a lipoma, which does appear to be the case, this can normally be done using local anesthesia alone; it does not (typically) require general anesthesia (unless there's something unusual about it).
You may want to visit a few more board-certified plastic surgeons in person; you can start at the plastic surgery website (surgery dot org).  You should be able to find someone near you who can remove this under local anesthesia alone.
I hope that this helps and good luck,
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This could be a lipoma or a boney growth on the frontal bone.  The lipoma will slide around on exam . A boney growth will have no movement and the tissues slide over it.  Both can be removed under local anesthesia in the office.  The lipoma will pop out with meticulous dissection.  The boney growth will have to be chiseled off, so if the diagnosis is not obvious bone instruments should be on hand.
General anesthesia is not necessary.  IV local sedation (twilight sleep) can be used in outpatient setting if the patient is very "jumpy".

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