I have an asymmetrical face and want to know if fillers, an implant, or jaw exercises can help? (photo)

I lost a tooth on my upper right side 8 years ago in a war injury and was only recently able to get an implant. Due to this I have mostly chewed on my left side ever since. I started noticing the past 2 years that my right side looks gaunt while my left is still full and square shaped. I miss my old square shaped face. I've started chewing mostly on my right and hope this can help build muscle and shape, but not sure if it will work. Could fillers or an implant help?? I'm very self conscious:(

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Jaw Asymmetry

With your jaw angle asymmetry, the question is whether this is a masseter muscle discrepancy or that of the bone or both. That diagnosis will determine whether an injection or an implant approach would be the best treatment. To make that diagnosis a 3D CT is the most helpful.

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