Why are hair grafts falling out the first few days, 1st week and up to after a month and a half? (Photo)

I have lost many hair grafts, bulb included. I have shielded my area from direct water and used baby shampoo. Slept upright for the 1st two weeks and used a travel pillow. Did not take any vitamins or supplements. I also have used a spray bottle to keep the area hydrated. I have been extremely careful, have not picked or pulled. Not sure how many more as these are the ones that I could see in my brown hair that came out after gently washing. Less than 700 grafts transplanted into a cowlick area on crown.

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In general transplanted hairs fall out within a month. If you believe your case is different it is a good idea to follow up wit

In general transplanted hairs fall out within a month.  If you believe your case is different it is a good idea to follow up with your doctor.

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Shedding after the transplant.

congratulations on taking control of your hairloss! You should always feel free to contact your surgeon with any post operative questions. I personally encourage my patients to reach out. It's normal for transplanted hair to go into a resting phase and shed after surgery. You should begin to see your new hair grow in about 3-4 months. 
Again, if you have further questions I encourage you to speak to your doctor.

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This could be normal at this time point

but a follow up is not a bad idea. Although most transplants produce results, not every transplant produces results. 

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Shedding after a hair transplant

everyone sheds the grafts and the hair after a hair transplant. Don't obsess over it. It is normal. Just wait out the growth and be patient. 

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Hair shedding after a hair surgery

On the week 1-2 the  transplanted hairs will start to shed at this point, and by the end of the 3rd/4th week, most will be gone.  This is a normal part of the healing process and is totally expected.  The newly transplanted hairs go through a shedding process as the actual hair shaft is released, but the actual folliculare unit and bulb are totally intact starting to grow a new hair shaft.  This is part of the normal hair cycle .Months 3-4 the new hairs should start coming out.  For some patients, their transplanted hairs start growing early in the timeline, for others they start growing later.  You will see the new transplants but they will be thin at this stage as they begin to emerge from the scalp.  Most of the native hair will be growing back at this time..

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