How do I fix my smile? (Photo)

So, 8' in the process of fixing my teeth but I noticed that the corners of my smile are different. One lifts high and sharp (which I like) But the other is low and rounded. (Don't like) how do I even this out? How much would it cost? It bothers me so much. The side my finger is on is the side I like

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This is the best  moment, for a complete smile makeover, you can change shape, size and even color, you will love your smile ,and you will certainly, love it. x rays, and a complete smile analysis, is necessary, so you will have great result. 

Supporting Smile with Expansion for the most natural full wide smile possible.

There is very little showing in the picture you provided.  You can see how the bicuspid disappears from view and I assume a full smile shows dark buccal corridors.  Epigenetic orthodontics/ orthopedics can grow your maxilla to give you a full wide healthy smile with better support of soft tissue and lip. 

It is possible to build up bicuspids with veneers but orthopedic growth is best approach. 

Ira Shapira, DDS
Chicago Dentist
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