Is this a double bubble ? Or something else? (photos)

I am 15 days post op. I had 600cc silicone implants placed under the muscle. As you can see there's a crease where I assume the bottom of the implant is. However the incision is below this on both sides. Is this something that will improve naturally or will I require additional surgery ? Does anyone know what's going on here ? Thanks.

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Double bubble after breast augmentation

"Double bubble" is a term that is kind of generically used for breasts that appear to have a ridge separate from the implant itself. Usually it happens because the implant sits below the inframammary fold, but it also can occur if the lower pole breast tissue has a constricted band of connective tissue. If that's the case, that is released when the surgery is done to create a smooth contour.

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Is this a double bubble ? Or something else?

At this point you are early in the healing process. Your implants will continue to settle and soften with time. Follow up with your surgeon if you have concerns.


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Is this a double bubble ? Or something else?

What this is is "early." Meaning things are still dropping, softening, settling, and defining a "final" result that will take a full 6-12 months, just as it takes this long for your scars to mature, soften, and fade.

Your surgeon was faced with your initial anatomy having a short inframammary crease-nipple distance, especially compared to the laxity of your skin brassiere, and the diameter of your chosen implants, which needed to be placed lower than your previous crease position. Over time (and two weeks is not enough), your implants will settle, drop, and your overlying tissues will (hopefully) stretch your old crease into oblivion.

Yep, no one knows for sure how long this will take, or how completely it will occur, and whether or not you develop a beautiful result you and your surgeon hoped for, or whether a revision might be necessary.

What is certain is that you must wait at least 6-12 months to see what happens before definitive plans for revision should be realistically entertained. Don't worry in the meantime; it won't help your healing or your result at all, but it will make you and those around you miserable, including your surgeon, who appeared to have done a good job of trying to avoid a lift when many surgeons would have "automatically' recommended one (at more cost, scars, and risks).

I do believe a supportive bra (underwire is OK after about 3 weeks or when incisions are not irritated) is a good idea to help define your "new" inframammary crease and to reduce the risk of double bubble, but check with your surgeon. Revision is possible for all patients for a variety of reasons, but it truly is too early to make this proclamation at this point in time. Talk with your surgeon. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Lower fold crease double bubble?

Thank you for sharing. It's hard to fully assess this based on only one picture. Make sure to discuss this with your plastic surgeon. Where was the fold prior to surgery? Was it lowered to match? You are quite early post op and an expect some changes to settle out over time. Best wishes.

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Double bubble?

It is very early, and what you can see is probably your original submammary crease (pre op pictures would be needed to confirm this). It is a situation that may improve and resolve spontaneously, but a revision could be needed if the crease will still be visible six months after the procedure.

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Is this a double bubble ? Or something else?

Thank you for your question.  Based on your photograph it appears to may be forming a double bubble.  The top liner indentation is-year-old inframammary crease and the protrusion beneath that represents the edge of the implant.  Be sure to discuss with your plastic surgeon.  Since you are early in recovery taping and an underwire bra might be of help.

Double bubble?

Tough to answer without a good examination of the breasts and the implants.  I would love to see your starting point, but this could very well end up as double bubble. 15 days post op is still early but the window starts now to see how they will settle.  In either case, you have no choice but to wait and allow the implants to settle to see the final outcome.  This will be at least 3 months.  Hang tight.  Hope this helps.
Dr Vasisht

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Double bubble

If your infra mammary fold was dropped to have the implant fit it's possible the upper lime is just tissue memory from your old inframmary fold but it's is still early in the post operative period. Maintaining follow up with your board certified plastic surgeons is important. Best, MMT

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15 Days Post Op

It is too early in the post operative course to discuss revision surgery.  You will continue healing and the breast will settle.  Have patience and allow yourself to heal.

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You are still early in the post operative phase after breast augmentation.  This will improve with time but some may persist.  You may have to tolerate some of this slight imperfection. With at least 6 months to make any judgement.
Best Wishes,
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