Will my doctor give me brace? And will they cover my insurance? What caused my upper teeth to move? (photo)

Everytime I talk to person they look at my teeth at constantly tell me that I look like i have straight teeth until I talk or start laughing. That really makes me insecure and that's why I don't talk to a lot of people. what should I do if my orthodontist says that I don't need braces. My bottom 4 teeth are crowded and that's basically the teeth that everyone sees. My front teeth though, always used to be straight. even people notice it now. So my other question us how did my upper teeth move?

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Cosmetics are only part of what orthodontics can accomplish.

You have a  severely underdeveloped maxilla resulting in crowding.  Avoid any doctor that suggests extracting teeth to correct your issues.  The best approach will be Epigenetic orthodontics/ orthopedics to grow your bone so all the teeth fit.  This will also improvoe your smile, your breathing and overall health.

Do you snore or have sleep apnea yet?  Your mouth and teeth will predispose you to those disorders.

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