Do crown replacements require wearing temporaries again until the new crowns get cemented on?

My question is does crown replacement require wearing temporaries again until the new crowns get cemented on or if I do it with the same dentist and lab they can use my old impressions (2 months old)? Is there more trimming of teeth involved for the new crowns and is removing of the old crowns safe for my teeth, meaning they won't chip or break (I had a root canal done on one of the crowned teeth).

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Yes, you'll have temporaries again #DrSoftTouch

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The process of replacing the crowns will be similar to when you had your teeth prepped the first time. Your dentist will remove the crowns and make adjustments to the prep if necessary, take new impressions of the prepared teeth so permanent crowns can be fabricated, and placement of temporary crowns. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

Remaking crowns means starting over

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The entire process is the same as the first time, as the impressions no longer are exact replicas of the teeth.  Same doctor, same lab, means nothing at all.


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In order for your dentist to have a crown fabricated, first the old crown will need to be removed. Typically this is done by sectioning it with a drill and splitting the crown in half. This is safe for your other teeth. The underlying tooth is then altered as needed. Next, an impression is taken. Poured into a stone cast and from that cast the crown is made. These last steps after the impression are usually done at a dental laboratory. So, you are fitted with a temporary crown in the meantime.

Some offices use digital impressions and milling machines to make crowns in the office on the same day. There are pros and cons to this. However, it sounds like this is not the case for the office you go to. 

B. Curtis Neal, DDS
Lansing Dentist

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