To breast lift or not to breast lift? (photos)

I have picked my size based on one of the best surgeons in the Minneapolis region so I don't need to "know what size I want" I got it...421ccs is currently my comfortable size. MY QUESTION is should I get a lift in both or one breast? Donut lift or duel plane lift? No lift at all? I want round teardrop shaped breasts. I have a very nice backside and wide hips so 421ccs is easy for me to handle. Here are wish photos and photos of my body/breasts.

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Lift or augmentation?

If you trust your surgeon to assist you with volume of implant and shape (421 cc is round), then you should trust their opinion regarding the need for skin removal and nipple repositioning, which are part of a lift procedure.  I would encourage you to have a candid dialogue with your surgeon.  If you don't understand the reasons you are given, then you should seek the opinion of other surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. 

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