Bbl and Ba, how to maintain shape and size after surgery in a year? Thank you for your replies!

I know that the bbl is not guaranteed to last forever as most of the fat disappears, however, Is it possible to maintain the fat and shape by squatting and doing butt exercises daily? What are your recommendations on maintaining shape and size after year of bbl? What surgical method to implant the BA gummie bear gel so it doesn't interfere or damage the milk ducts? Considering that I will be doing these two procedures together, will I need drains and what is the purpose of those?

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Bbl and Ba, how to maintain shape and size after surgery in a year? Thank you for your replies!

I think that at least 50% of the fat survives permanently as long as weight is held constant after the procedure.  Placement of a breast implant through an incision that goes under the muscle without going through the breast tissue will have the least likelihood of interfering with milk production and dispersal.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Fat retention after BBL

You can do things around the time of your surgery to maximize fat graft take and over 80% of the graft typically remains.  No smoking and reduction of swelling as well as a good fitting garment and avoiding sitting helps the graft to take.  Retention happens if you maintain your weight or gain weight and avoid weight loss.  The remaining fat is living and will grow and change with you.  With weight loss the cells are still there, they just shrink.  It is best to do the procedure near a weight you can maintain for the most predictable long term results. 

Christopher J. Kovanda, MD
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