8 months post op Asian Eyelid Surgery, will my eyes get any better? (photos)

It's been 8 months since my surgery and I'm not happy with the shape my eyes are taking. Why do my outter corners drag down? And my kids are very hooded. Is there anything I can ask my surgeon to do to correct this? I also have noticeable scarring.

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Eye shape and orbital anatomy dictate crease shape

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as far as creating a crease that is more flared or turned up laterally for you it's going to be limited. You might be able to take a little more skin at the outer half to have it create a more raise the look and you might be able to revise the inner corners to create a more tapered look. If you lower the crease medially and raise it a little  laterally I think that would look better. Your natural Eye shape  though is a bit round and you can't fight that anatomy too much. The shape of your kris will always be a little bit of an up-and-down arch .  

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