What is Minimum Amount of Hyaluronidase Used to Dissolve Restylane?

I had restylane injected to raise a scar, i'm happy with the result generally, but there is too much at one end which has spread out, changing the shape of my upper cheek bone near the eye - where i dont need the restylane. My question is: im very nervous about having it dissolved, can the Hyaluronidase/vitase be watered down so to speak for the restylane to be dissolved a tiny bit at a time? How much control can there be? Thks

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Effects of Hyaluronidase

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It is hard to predict how much of an effect the hyaluronidase has on your scar since hyaluronidase spreads through tissue very easily and may dissolve areas that you don't want changed. You could ask your doctor to try very low dose injections or wait a few months for the hyaluronic acid to go away.

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Hyaluronidase for dissovling Restylane or Juvederm

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I'm not sure that anyone has enough experience with hyaluronidase to create very focal effect. It works by helping spread through the dermis (it used to be added to local anesthetic in eyelid surgery so less needles would be needed and the anesthetic would spread through the dermis). A small volume would be added and then more later if needed, but there is a chance that the diameter of the effect would be greater than desired and you might lose some of the good result.

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