How to Minimize Risk of Rippling with Muscle Flex Deformity?

I have done 3 operations. Due to complications with Muscle flex deformity, dubble bubble and rippling. At first I hade Perthese 400cc under the muscle. att the 3d operation I changed to Mentor plus profile coh 2, 500cc to minimize the risk of rippling. My muscle has been cut in to several times. But it dident work. I still have rippling, muscle flex deformity and dubble bubble. Can a placement over the muscle be an alternitive for me? And how can we reduce the risk of rippling?

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Implant issues

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If you have issues with rippling and flexion deformities, there are two different things goign on. The flexion deformity may be treated by palcing the implant above the muscle( although it may recur).  Howver, rippling suggests that you have very thin skin coverage.  Strattice can be used to provide another layer of soft tissue over the implants to camouflage this. This shoudl help. Fat injection is always a last resort.

Strattice graft for complex breast implant problem with rippling

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Double bubble and animation deformity are often both caused by cutting the muscle with the usual techniques. Going over the muscle will likely fix those issues but make the rippling worse regardless of the type of implant. A strattice graft to create a living internal bra will help with all three issues (example on my website.)

Complex breast augmentation problems

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After several surgeries you are in a salvage situation, no home runs any more possible.  You also don't mention how thin you are.  One thing you might consider is a Strattice repair to improve the double bubble and cover the implant with more thickness.  The last thing you want is to go above the muscle where the coverage is even thinner and the rippling usually worse.  Only the most experienced surgeon can really help you now and please keep your expectations reasonable and don't try to go larger.

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