What Can Minimize Post Surgery Scar?

I'm getting ready to have Thyroid surgery. What can I do or what can I ask my surgeon to do to help the scar heal quickly or not be as noticeable?

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Steps to take to minimize post-op scarring

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Most surgeons should do a good job and almost all will perform subcuticular stitches for a neck thyroid surgery. You should do your part with frequent application of emollient such as Aquaphor post-operatively 2-3x/day for at least 2 weeks. Steri-strips may be applied and are semi-permeable so you should continue to apply emollient over the steri-strips. Expect to have some hypertrophic and red changes along surgical scar; both of which should fade with time with strict daily sun protection and scar massage that you should start a month after surgery. Hypertrophic scars 6 weeks after surgery may be injected with intralesional steroid injection. Follow-up by an experienced board-certified dermatologist may be desirable.

Minimize Post-Surgical Scar

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Thank you for the question.

Meticulous closure is critical in achieving a fine line scar. I think the use of silicone-based products (gel or sheeting) may also be helpful after surgery.  Avoidance of direct sunlight and/or use of sunblock will also be important. The use of intralesional  steroids and also be helpful if the scar demonstrates any sign of abnormal thickening. 

I hope this helps.

Scar improvement

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Thyroid surgery incisions are often sewn with a subcuticular closure. I like to keep incisions taped for 4-6 weeks after surgery. This usually helps keep the scar flat. It should be monitored carefully. If the scar doesn't stay flat, other modalities may help like silicone sheeting or injectable steroids

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