How to Minimize Hyperpigmentation and Scabs from Lighsheer Laser Treatment

I am South Asian with light brown skin. Used lightsheer laser on legs a few days ago and they are covered with pinpoint scabs and treated area has darkened (a few shades darker) so have vertical lines on legs! Have huge rectangular scabs in bikini area.

Using hydrocortisone cream to reduce the redness around scabs, but worried about hyperpigmentation as I used IPL on face once and was left with a mark which took a year to fade after scab fell off. Can I use cocoa butter or hydroquinone on legs?

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If it does not go away should consider Fraxel Laser

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Hydroquinone may help but Fraxel 1927 laser works great to lighten the hyper pigmentation from scabbing. In addition using Tretinoin cream with some bleaching cream post Fraxel will continue to improve the scabbing. Avoiding tanning prior to each treatment it’s very important to prevent future side effects. You should contact your provider too discuss this situation

No dark spots with laser hair removal

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The most imporatnt thing is to do a test area. If that area does not hyperpigment, the rest should be OK. Too much redness after the procedure is not a good thing. For darker skin patients, it's very important to go slow with low settings. That usually means more sessions for the removal of unwanted hair.

Gary Goldenberg, MD
New York Dermatologist

Avoiding hyperpigementation after laser hair removal

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You can use hydroquinone on your legs as long as the skin is intact.  Avoid the sun for at least 6 weeks and wear sunblock after that (above SPF 35).  For future treatments, make sure the settings are turned down.  It will still be effective though you may need several more treatments to achieve hairlessness.  You can also find someone with the new Lightsheer Duet. It may be easier to tolerate.


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Recommendation for treatment should be done after examination. Seek a medical professional, Dermatologist or plastic surgeon for treatment.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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