Can Horizontal Incision After Anchor Mastopexy Be Minimized?

Is there any way to minimize the horizontal incision after an anchor style Mastopexy? I'm very unhappy with this scar and I wasn't expecting such a long scar. My surgeon stated it would be a small horizontal incision. The incision on the opposite breast is smaller in length, but I am still unhappy.

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Shortening a Mastopexy Scar

Unfortunately, there is no way to shorten the scar in the breast crease.

Discuss with your surgeon how the scar may look better over time, and what can be done to help make it look better.

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Scar from mastopexy

The horizontal scar from your mastopexy will fade. This may take upwards of a year. SOmetimes IPL treatments to improved the redness can be performed.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Assisting with scar maturation

Once you have a scar, you will always have a scar. There is no way to make it disappear. This is not to say you can't have a good looking thin scar - this is our goal. For the first 2 months after surgery, it is normal for scars to become red and more noticeable. Over the next 6 - 12 months, the scar will mature and fade. (Under the microscope, this process takes up to 2 years!) The most important ingredient in scar maturation is time - you do have to wait for it to happen. That being said, there are some things you can do to help your scar along:

  • Scar creams do work (Mederma and Scar Guard are two that I suggest quite often). They have different feels, and like any cream, some people are sensitive to a component (so try a different one). They are easy to apply, and simple to use.
  • The gold standard in scar care is silicon sheeting. It is a bit harder to use (for it to really work, you need to have it on the scar 24hr/day 7d/week), but with breast scars this is possible. You can buy it on the web: Epi-Derm™ Silicone Gel Mastopexy - from
  • Avoid sun exposure while the scar is red! You don't want melanocytes to get trapped in the scar, or it will remain pigmented even once it is mature and the redness fades.

Your surgeon will see you at different time points to make sure your scar is maturing normally. There are some types of abnormal healing (hypertrophic scars, keloids, etc), but let your surgeon advise you on your progress.

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Mastopexy Incisions

Since the incisions have been made from your breast lift the length can not be altered.  The only characteristic that can be altered is the width or scar quality.


Trading scars for shape in mastopexy

Mastopexy is a great operation that is designed to provide a perkier breast mound. Many women have extremely saggy breast tissue to begin with and very often require removal of a significant amount of excess breast skin. Unfortunately, the only means to remove skin involves making incisions. Once you have a scar from an incision, it is permanent. Fortunately, most scars will fade and mature over time.

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Shortening the length of the scar is not possible but other improvements are

If you are asking whether the length of this scar can be reduced to a shorter version the answer is no. There aren't any techniques that can erase all or portions of any scar. However, if the scar is thick and raised above the surrounding skin surface it can be minimized or flattened. Silicon sheeting or Silicon containing solutions applied to the scar can accomplish this. Injections of a steroid directly into a raised scar is very effective in flattening it .Perhaps your scar is wider at some points, then a surgical excision of these wider areas with resuturing may serve to narrow them. Finally, over time most scars tend to become less visible on their own. Ask your surgeon which if any of these approaches he or she might recommend.

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Fixing a horizontal incision after an anchor mastopexy

The anchor mastopexy was one of the first breast lift surgeries that were described. Although it does allow the surgeon to remove tissue it does leave very significant scars and can create an unattractive and boxy shape of the breast. For this reason, less than 5% of my patients receive the surgery. If you have received the surgery and are unhappy with the horizontal incision, there may be some treatments that can help, such as injection of the scar with a small amount of corticosteroid or re-excision of the scar and replacing that thick scar with a much thinner one. Ultimately, the procedure you choose will depend on your preference and on the location of the unattractive scar.

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Undesireable breast lift scars

Seek consultations with other physicians to evaluate the options for maanagement. IF it is wide it can be narrowed. If it is high it may be lowered. Discuss the choices available to you.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Can horizontal incision after anchor Mastopexy be minimized?

Dear Bluebird 2

The scar from surgery may be improved with

1 time- as it takes up to a year and a half for a scar to mature

2 laser therapy or IPL/BBL to reduce the colour

3 revision- if a scar is spread/thick - it can be revised on occasion with good results

4 careful steroid injection

It is best to follow up with your surgeon to discuss you results and options.

With Warm Regards,


Trevor M. Born, MD
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There is often a tradeoff between scars and shape

There is often a tradeoff between scars and shape. For moderately sized breasts, it is possible to minimize scar length and still achieve a nicely shaped breast. However, as breast size and ptosis increases, it may be necessary to make longer incisions in order to produce the desired breast shape. If your surgeon kept the scar short it may have compromised breast shape and you would now be asking about why your breast was square shaped or bottomed out instead of asking about the size of the scar. Now that you have the scar, there is no magic way to make it go away. Scar healing depends on genetics, nutrition and the environment. Talk with your surgeon about the best way to care for your scar. If you post before and after pictures of your surgery, we may be able to offer more advice. Good luck.

David Shafer, MD
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