Minimally Invasive Mastopexy (Orbix Cup&Up)?

My breasts currently have mild to moderate ptosis (can't tell for sure myself), due to their size and weight fluctuations that have now mostly stabilized. Orbix is now in their third stage of trials and plans to be on the market in early 2013. As I am their "ideal candidate", what is the opinion of doctors who will possibly be utilizing this new lift? What about a vertical lift (and potentially a mild reduction) in conjunction with the "Cup&Up", using the new system as a preventative?

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Mini Ultimate Breast Lift is a minimal invasive mastopexy

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There is a new minimal invasive technique called The Mini Ultimate Breast Lift.  Using only an incision around the areola it is possible to lift the breast higher on the chest wall, increase cleavage by displacing the breast medially and change shape creating upper pole fullness.  This technique is long lasting since the weight of the breast is internally transferred to the underlying muscle.  Another advantage of this technique is there are no vertical scars or boat anchor shaped incisions.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Orbix for Breast Lift

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   Orbix for a breast lift may be a good option in several years.  By then, it will be evaluated more thoroughly.  For now, I would stick to conventional techniques.

Minimally invasive "mastopexy"

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I would add to the other responses that a true lift involves releasing and moving the structure in question (in this case the breast gland and attached nipple-areola) up to the appropriate level and holding it there long enough to heal in that position without the need for permanent structures. Anything short of that is not a true lift. 

We have also learned that it's wishful thinking to depend on permanent sutures or devices to hold tissues up or at some particular tension. It doesn't hold up and problems can arise with the permanent devices. 

Access to perform a lift involves incisions and until we have a way to reliably shrink skin or return it to its previous tone, excess skin must be taken out which involves an incisional scar as well. 


Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

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Orbix, Cup&Up

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These are both new technologies, not approved for use in the USA. At least one of these is undergoing trials. If approved, the FDA is verifying safety, not that the item works. This is unlike approval for medicines, where the drug must be safe and must work.

Those of us who have been in practice for a while have seen many new technologies come and go, with only a few having long term success in accomplishing the goals. I would stick with the gold standard, breast lift. 

Thank you for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift

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The Orbix technique, whatever it is, is new to me.All I know is that most procedure that are touted as new and improved turn out to be big disappointments.  I would not volunteer to,be the first one undergoing a new procedure.  Let somebody else be the guinea pig!

To Orbix or not

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There are many proven techniques to improve mild to moderate ptosis. I would wait a year or to after a new technique has been released to even consider it. waait to see what other issues or concerns are brought up before you try something that new. The procedures available now, work very well and have been modofied over the years so there are no unknowns.

New Breast Lift Procedure

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The procedure uses a silicone insert beneath the breast, and internal bra "straps" are then attached to the ribs to support the cups.  Only time will tell if this apparatus will provide stable and lasting results, and whether or not it will interfere with mammography or breast examinations.

There are currently other proven and predictable operations to lift the sagging breast, and these should be considered your "gold standard."

Minimally Invasive Mastopexy (Orbix Cup&Up)?

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Thanks for the interesting question.  I'm not sure the procedure is done yet in the US. I think there may be some very significant problems with the device since it covers the breast tissue and will almost certainly prohibit feeling early small tumors, an important part of breast exams and early cancer detection. I think I would not personally recommend this until at there have been at least 10 years of patient followup looking for interference with cancer detection.

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