Is a Mini Tummy Tuck Enough After Two Kids?

I am 23 & have two kids and extremely self consious about my belly and even more about my stretch marks on the stomach. Will a mini tummy tuck help my stomach or do I need something else? Thanks.

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Tummy Tuck Options

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You appear to be a better candidate for a full tummy tuck based on your photos.  Thank you for you question.    It is difficult to give accurate recommendation without an in office exam.  When I evaluate the abdomen, I assess:

1.  The amount of loose skin

2.  The volume of fatty tissue
3.  The degree of muscle laxity.

I evaluate this in each of 3 areas:
1.  Upper Abdomen

2.  Area around the Belly Button
3.  Lower Abdomen

MINI TUMMY TUCK: If a patient has loose skin, fatty tissue, and muscle laxity limited to the Lower Abdomen, then I recommend the mini tummy tuck.  In order to qualify for this, the patient must have good skin and muscle tone in their upper abdomen and area around the belly button.   I will frequently perform liposuction of these areas with my Mini Tummy Tuck to enhance the overall contour.

FULL TUMMY TUCK:  this is for patients who have loose skin and muscle laxity of the upper abdomen, belly button area, and lower abdomen.   This procedure tightens all 3 areas with a bikini line incision.   I often encorporate liposuction with my full tummy tuck as I feel it offers a superb end result.
EXTENDED TUMMY TUCK:  This works well for patients who have loose skin that extends over the hip bone into the flank area.   I will perform extensive liposuction and skin excision to the hip and flank area combined with full tummy tuck.

BODY LIFT/BELT LIPECTOMY:  this is essentially a 360 degree tummy tuck which involves removal of loose skin and fatty tissue of the lower back and buttocks, in addition to the extended tummy tuck.
I wish you a safe recovery and amazing result!!

Dr. Gill

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Is a Mini Tummy Tuck Enough After Two Kids?

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You would have a better result with a full tummy tuck. You need plication from your upper abdomen all the way to your mons pubis. You can't do this very well with a mini.

Stretch marks

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Stretch marks on the abdomen from the umbilicus to the pubis is best treated by removal during a tummy tuck.

Mini versus Full tummy tuck (photos)

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Your photo shows relatively good skin tone. There are two remaining questions. Is the skin above belly button very loose and how high is diastasis. This will effect the decision for the best procedure for you. See the video in the link below for an explanation and sample photos.

Mini vs. full tummy tuck candidates

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Based on the photo you provided, you look like a great candidate for a full (standard) tummy tuck procedure rather than a mini tummy tuck. A mini tummy tuck only involves work below the belly button. Not many women are a good candidate for a mini, especially after pregnancy due to muscle diastasis (stretching). A full tummy tuck can provide a better result and involves repair of the rectus abdominal muscles and removal of the excess skin and tissue. I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the best and safest possible options for you. The incision is usually from hip to hip placed low enough to be covered by undergarments. Good luck!

When is a MINI Tummy Tuck "enough"

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Thank you for the photograph it is of great help. From this view it looks like you are very tones with minimal skin laxity but with significant muscle separation causing the "pooch". You do NOT appear to have enough loose tummy skin to completely remove the belly button hole / scar.

Your options would be a Full Tummy tuck with a variable length vertical scar (where the belly button used to join the tummy skin), a Full Tummy Tuck where the transverse scar was higher but without a vertical scar (the higher placement of the transverse scar enabled "scar less" removal of the belly button), a modified Umbilical float operation (in which the umbilicus is divided, the muscles are tightened as high as possible and the umbilicus is then reattached lower to the tummy wall in a lower position).

You really need to speak with several Plastic surgeons who enjoy performing Tummy Tucks to see which opinion best "speaks" to you.

Good Luck.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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