Mini Tummy Tuck or Tummy Tuck for 36 Mother of Two?

I'm a 36 years old mother of two children(10 years and 13 month). Active person who goes to cardio boxing 3-4 times/week and yoga 2-3 times/week. Training so much, without seeing any real improvement in the abdominal area. It's a disappointment in some level. So I was wondering which tummy tuck could tigh and repair the umbilical hernia too?

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Even without photos, it is likely that a full tummy tuck is your best option. An umbilical hernia can be fixed at the same time.

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Thank you for your question and the photos.

Even without photos, it is likely that a full tummy tuck is your best option. An umbilical hernia can be fixed at the same time.

To be sure, see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery. I hope this helps.

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Tummy tuck surgery.

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A tummy tuck operation does a great job of managing excess skin, fat, and bulging of the abdomen. If an umbilical hernia exists, this can be repaired at the same time. To decide between a "mini" tummy tuck or a traditional, your plastic surgeon will examine the amount of laxity around and above the belly button. If there is significant laxity at those locations, a traditional abdominoplasty is recommended. The only true way to find out is to have a consultation with a few board certified plastic surgeons to get some recommendations.

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Please understand that without examining you, making recommendations is irresponsible

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Hi there-

I hope you understand that it is not out of a desire to be cagy or difficult that I tell you I can't answer your question- but out of a desire to maintain my integrity.

Without getting to know you a lot better (developing a detailed understanding of your goals, your lifestyle, preferences for recovery experience, and your current appearance), it would quite simply be irresponsible for me to color your judgment with an opinion that might complicate your decision making once you have met with a qualified surgeon who has the benefit of this understanding.

Your best bet is to meet with a talented and skilled body contouring surgeon for an evaluation. Remember that your goal should be to be safe and completely happy with your final outcome- not necessarily to have the cute, short scar you think you want.

Mom tummy tuck vs minituck.

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Since you have had two little ones and an umbilical hernia. You will need a tummy tuck.  By doing a full tummy tuck you will be nice and tight.  The umbilical hernia should be repaired at the same time.  I would recommend using mesh to bolster the hernia repair in most cases.  Some liposuction to the back and sides should complete the transformation.


Good luck, and thank you for the question.




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Abdominal contouring with a tummy tuck

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It sounds like a mini is all that you'll need, however it's hard to say without seeing you.  The hernia could be fixed at the same time as well.

Mini tummy tuck?

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It is difficult to make a recommendation without seeing a photo of your abdominal area and your specific concerns...we do 4 different types of tummy tucks depending on your anatomy and goals...generally, the patients in the best shape and closest to their ideal body weight get the best results...this sounds like you, but you need to discuss your specific issues with a plastic surgeon who can also examine general though, both procedures could be done at the same time.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

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