Mini Tummy Tuck or Non Surgical Skin Tightening Laser?

I'm a 30 yrs old female,had a traditional liposuction under general anestesia on 2010.(600cc) Not obese and never suffered from weight issue as I always range around 50 -53 kg but no matter what I do my entire body fat centers on my belly. After the liposuction I still have the rolling skin when I set and lower ab pouch, my doctor says it's my skin nature another doctor suggested a mini tummy tuck. I'm worried to go under general anestesia and recovery again but I want get a flat tummy naked

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Tummy tuck

Have you had children , or are you planning on having children? To get rid of excess skin, a tummy tuck works well, but you should be at a good weight with a BMI below 30 and have finished having children before doing it.

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