Mini Tummy Tuck Technique

What Happens in a Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery? which Components Are Addressed? I was wondering if tightening the muscle is done during this surgery. In my case, although I had 3 kids, my body still in pretty good shape (5.4 ", 115 pounds ). I don't really have a lot skin and fat to be removed but I believe my abdominal muscles are a little loose.

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Mini Tummy Tuck

 If your muscles are loose above your BB, then a full TT is the best way to address these.  If your loose muscle is all below the BB, then it is possible to address this with a mini TT.

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Mini or full tummy tuck?

The mini tummy talk is an  operation that  produces very limited results and is very rarely indicated. It involves a shorter incision but does not address the majority of the abdominal wall issues present for most patients who present consultation. For example, the area of skin excised is quite small. The abdominal wall musculature is addressed below the umbilicus leaving the upper number wall potentially lax. The appearance of the umbilicus is not necessarily addressed sufficiently.

For most patients who have had pregnancies and/or weight loss a full abdominoplasty is necessary to achieve the desired results. Of course, there are downsides (including a longer scar and probably a longer recovery time) but for most patients the benefits outweigh the downsides. It is not unusual to see patients who've had mini tummy tuck  surgery present for  revisionary surgery.
It is important  for patients seeking abdominal contouring surgery to work with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to obtain advice (based on good ethics and judgment) to  improve  their chances of a successful outcome and minimize the need for further surgery.

I hope this helps.

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How a mini tummy tuck works

Of course the definition of a mini tummy tuck can depend on an individual practice. Generally however mini tummy tuck will allow elevation of the skin much like a full tummy tuck thought the belly button is not 'relocated' rather it is maintained with the skin, the muscle is repaired underneath top to bottom, and the belly button is reattached from where it came from. Finally the skin from the lower abdomen is advance and trimmed giving the final result. In short, less skin is removed, and no belly button scar.

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Mini tummy tuck same as full but less skin removed

Tummy tucks are designed to treat what you can't accomplish with diet and exercise: remove localized fat if any, repair muscle separation (called a diastasis) from pregnancy, and tighten stretched out skin by removing some. All of these are done in both the mini and full version but less skin is removed with the mini. What this means is that the upper abdominal skin is not affected with a mini, so it works only when the skin laxity is limited to the lower part of the abdomen. There is a variation called an "umbilical float" that allows access to the upper abdomen for muscle repair, but limitations on skin tightening are the same.

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Mini Tummy Tuck Technique

The easiest way to describe a mini tummy tuck is rejuvenation of the the skin, fat, and muscle between the belly button and pubic bone.    

If you have loose skin and fatty tissue around the belly button, above the belly button, or in the flanks, you will require a full tummy tuck.    I recommend choosing the procedure that will give you the best contour and shape, not the least amount of scar.   6 months postop, you will be much more unhappy with a poor contour, than a poor scar.

I wish you a safe and healthy recovery.

Paul S. Gill, MD
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Only the muscles below the umbilicus are addressed

In a mini-tummy tuck only the muscles below the belly button are addressed.  If you have any laxity above the belly button, a mini-tummy tuck may actually make you bulge more after surgery above your belly button.  If you go to my website you will find a video discussing mini-tummy tucks.

Vishnu Rumalla, MD
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Mini tummy tuck

Usually a mini tummy tuck tightens the muscle below the umbilicus, and removes some skin in the lower abdomen.. Liposuction is often combined.

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Mini VS Full Tummy Tuck in a thin Mother of 3

Regarding: "Mini Tummy Tuck Technique
What Happens in a Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery? which Components Are Addressed? I was wondering if tightening the muscle is done during this surgery. In my case, although I had 3 kids, my body still in pretty good shape (5.4 ", 115 pounds ). I don't really have a lot skin and fat to be removed but I believe my abdominal muscles are a little loose

There is NO one Mini-Tummy Tuck technique. The terms refers to a subclass of Tummy Tuck techniques which fall short of a Full or Standard Tummy Tuck. Common to all Mini-Tummy Tuck techniques are:
- removal of loose tummy skin only below the belly button
- tightening of the tummy muscles only below the belly button.

But, Mini Tummy Tuck techniques, can involve liposuction of the upper tummy and flanks and various techniques of addressing the belly button.

In my experience a mother of 3 is rarely if ever a great candidate for a mini tummy tuck. In pregnancy, the muscle separation begins in the area of the belly button and unravels inferiorly to the pubis and superiorly to the xyphoid (where the ribs meet). It is therefore uncommon to meet a mother of 3 who only has a mild muscle separation below the belly button. Odds are your separation goes higher.

To achieve full flattening, the whole length of the separation needs to be repaired. Failure to tighten the muscles would literally snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory and give you a "so-so" result instead of the "wow" result you deserve.

Please, reconsider.

Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Mini Tummy Tuck, What Is It?

What is addressed by a "mini" tuck depends on who is doing it. Some of my mini tucks will have muscle tightening all the way down,  but the belly button is not moved.  In some it might be moved slightly.  Just be very clear with the surgeon you are choosing and what their plan is.

Byron D. Poindexter, MD
Reston Plastic Surgeon
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Mini-Tuck Technique

Each patient is different, as is every surgeon. Sometimes you need to tighten the separation between muscles and sometimes you do not.  However, in general, when you need to tighten the abdominal wall, in needs to be tightened the entire length of the abdomen.  It is the rare person who only needs it in the lower abdomen due to the natural anatomy and way things stretch out.  Most of the patients who undergo a mini-tuck are simply removing skin and some fat, along with some liposuction.  The abdominal wall is generally not addressed.  I hope this helps.

Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD
Barrington Plastic Surgeon
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