Swelling and Tightness After Mini Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

I had a mini tummy tuck (no muscle surgery) and lipo around 6 months ago. I had around 2 kilos of fat removed. Initially, the results were pleasing. Now my stomach area still looks protruding and it feels tight as if the skin is trying to hold in the muscle apart from when I lie down. The tops of my legs also have a lot of cellulite which I did not have before. What can I do? Many thanks.

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Tightness following mini-tummy tuck and cellulite after liposuction

It is difficult to assess your condition via your description, and it is time to see a physician who can perform a more thorough examination of your condition.

From your description, it sounds as if you would benefit from a muscle repair if you are close to your ideal body weight. Evaluation may require a CT scan to fully delineate the status of your muscles.

With regard to the cellullite, this is a difficult condition to treat, and the most succesful modality to date is Endermologie, but the results tend to be temporary.

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"Mini" tummy tuck is a less aggressive procedure than a standard abdominoplasty

A “mini” tummy tuck can mean different things to different patients and surgeons. In general, a “mini” is a less aggressive procedure that does not include tightening or repair of the abdominal muscles. Without the benefit of seeing you it is hard to give a fair assessment but I tend to agree with Dr. Placik that to improve your condition may require a secondary abdominoplasty to include tightening of the muscles. Have you discussed this with your surgeon? There are sometimes reasons why it is not safe to do this extensive surgery and there are sometimes anatomic limitations that either preclude the procedure or limit the correction.

There are few reliable options for treating cellulite. Sometimes, women in your situation will go as far as a thigh lift to tighten the skin, but usually, the anticipated benefits do not justify the surgery.

I hope this answer is of some value to you. Good luck and I hope you can achieve the improvement you desire.

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Swelling and tightness after a mini tummy tuck

The commendation of a mini tummy tuck with liposuction is extremely popular. This is an effective way to recontour the central abdomen. Patients who receive this combination should expect a recovery process that may last several months. The early-stage of the recovery process will be characterized by a great deal of swelling and bruising. At six months, you should expect the majority of the healing process to have resolved. At this time, it is best to visit with your plastic surgeon and have him evaluated the swelling and pain is that you may feel. Your plastic surgeon may recommend that you continue to wear a compression garment for several more months.

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Mini tummy tuck tightness

Swelling and tightness may persist for months after surgery. If you have protrusion without an exam I can not be sure what it is( i.e fat, lack of plication superiorly, etc..)  You should review this with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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