Should I Get a Mini Tummy Tuck or a Full? is There Any Non Surgical Options for Me? (photo)

So I had a baby 3 years ago and this completely ruined my stomach. I am 21 years old, I exercise regularly and have been trying EVERYTHING to get rid of this. Before pregnancy I was 115 lbs, I ended up weighing 180 lbs the day before delivery. Finally down to 133 lbs I am about ready to be able to wear a bikini. Is there any other options then surgery for me? I plan on having this done by june so please let me know soon!

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Tummy tuck is essential after massive weight loss

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A 47 lbs weighht loss results in hanging skin.  Only a FULL abdominoplasty would be able to correct this.  However, if you are planning additional pregnancies, the same thing may happen to you again.  Your weight may shoot up after pregnancy before it will drop and you will have hanging skin.  If you are planning no further children now is a good time for an abdominoplasty.  At the same time, you can undergo a sterilization procedure if desired.  Your other option is to wait.

Best of Luck,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Texas Plastic Surgeon
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Should I Get a Mini Tummy Tuck or a Full? is There Any Non Surgical Options for Me? (photo)

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You could have either as seen on the posted photos, Thanks!. But in my guess I would opt for Full Tummy Tuck. Best to be seen in person by a boarded PSs in your area. BTW "forget" the non surgery! 

Mini tummy tuck or full tummy tuck?

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You have skin laxity both above and below your belly button. If it was only below, then a lower or "mini" tummy tuck would be sufficient.  The only way to tighten skin above the belly button is to release the belly button attachment to the surrounding skin so you can pull that upper skin down and get it tight. This is a full tummy tuck.  There are NO non-surgical options to effectively tighten your skin. Make sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon for a detailed consultation.

Do full tummy tuck

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I would reccomend you do a full tummy tuck.  A full tummy tuck will address better the excess skin and laxity above the umbilicus and repair any muscle weakness.  Good luck.

Mini or full tummy tuck?

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Based on your photos, I would highly recommend a full tummy tuck.  A mini tuck would not address all of your issues - excess skin, diastasis, contour irregularities of yoru abdomen wall, etc.  Only a full tummy tuck can address all these issues.


Good Luck.

Full vs mini tummy tuck

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Without an examination I am unable to provide a definite answer, but based on your photographs the best option for you would be a full tummy tuck (also known as abdominoplasty).   A "mini" tummy tuck most likely won't remove enough loose skin to provide an acceptable result and liposuction will only address some excess fat, not the excess/damaged skin and the muscle looseness (diastasis).  I also do not believe that any of the available non-surgical methods would be effective in you situation.  

Before proceeding with a tummy tuck you should consider whether or not you plan to have more children.  I would recommend that you set up a consultation with a Board-Certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and all of the specifics of an abdomioplasty.  Good luck!


Eric T. Emerson, MD, FACS
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Mini- VS Full Tummy Tuck

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If you are done having children the only operation which will restore you to your before baby figure is a well performed Full Tummy Tuck. If you look carefully you demonstrate excess skin above the belly button which makes the Mini Tummy Tuck a waste of time.  A Full Tummy Tuck will remove ALL excess skin including all the stretch mark damaged skin below the belly button, take in all tummy muscle looseness, narrow the waist to achieve a pleasing hourglass figure and lift a sagging Mons pubis. If you plan on having more children I would wait to have this operation. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Abdominal contour after childbirth

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Thanks for your question!

Based on your photo you have typical abdominal wall and skin changes post-pregnancy.  You may have a separation of your abdominal wall muscles, have stretch marks above and below the umbilicus and you have some adiposity around the belly button.

Typically this combination is best treated with a full abdominoplasty and muscle plication.  Be sure to find a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss these issues in depth as well as discuss potential treatment.

I hope this helps.

Results of mini tummy tuck are very often disappointing.

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My advice is either do nothing, or have a full tummy tuck.  Nothing else will help.  You have loose skin also above the belly button, and a mini doesn't touch this.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Mini or full tummy tuck

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You are an excellent candidate for a tummy tuck. Your abdomen did not recover from the large weight gain and loss resulting from pregnancy. From the photos, it appears that you will need a full abdominoplasty. There are no non-surgical procedures which would be of benefit in your situation.

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