I Am Getting Mini Tummy Tuck. How Low a Cut is Recommend?

I don't need a major mini tummy tuck. Im literally getting a small pouch above my c-section line cut away with minimal lipo. My doctor initially recommend below csection line and above the pelvic bone. As well the line would be the same size if not smaller than c section line. I was afraid I would not have much pubic hair area left and that all of it would be cut off. So would u suggest using the same section line (as he mentioned it go where ever but, i need more opinions on where is best).

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Mini or No?

To answer your question directly, the scar should be placed low - just above the pubic triangle and below your previous scar. This position is least conspicuous and will allow the surgeon to excise your caesarian scar with any redundant skin. Liposuction can be done at the same time through the same incision. Divarications (separation of the rectus muscles) can be addressed with the aid of an endoscope even above the belly button. 

As others have intimated, though, 'mini' tummy tucks are unsuitable when there is a great excess of skin and in people who have low lying belly buttons. 

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I Am Getting Mini Tummy Tuck. How Low a Cut is Recommend?

Here is a good way to judge where to make the incision: 

Put on the bathing suit you like best, then pull gently up on the skin below your belly button until the lower tummy skin is taught. Now mark the skin at the top edge of the swim wear. Just make sure the cut for the tummy tuck is below that mark.

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Mini versus Full Tummy Tuck

If you only have excess skin below your belly button, then a mini tuck may be appropriate.  However, if you have excess skin above the belly button or have roundness to your belly from diastasis (separation) of your rectus / abdominal muscles, then you need a full tummy tuck.  Without seeing pictures or seeing you in person, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  To answer your question, the incision needs to be as long as your excess skin fold (the transverse fold) and/or 3 times the height of excess skin in order to avoid "dog ears."


Good Luck.

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