Solution for Scar Tissue After Mini Tummy Tuck?

I'm 6 months post mini tummy tuck. I'm 5'4", 115 lbs. I went in with flat stomach, just to move belly button lower, and came out with a certified belly bulge my doctor claims is "scar tissue that will go down on its own". How long will this last? Is there no other solution? Never had kids, but now it looks like I did.

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Belly bulge after mini tummy tuck

This is a tough question to answer without seeting photos or performing an exam.  The bulge can be many things including seroma, muscle weakness, swelling, to name a few.

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Abdominal swelling following a mini-tummy tuck


Thanks for the question. Without having the luxury of reviewing your pre-operative/post-operative photographs or examining you first-hand, it is difficult to assess the etiology of this "bulge" you're describing following your procedure. Given that you're 6 months out from surgery, the expected swelling should be, for the most part, resolved.

Depending on the fatty tissue distribution in your abdomen, it is possible that if you had a greater amount of fat in your peri/infra-umbilical area, this fat can be transposed caudally with your procedure, creating a lower abdominal bulge post-operatively. I make it a point to explain this phenomenon to all my patients with such a body habitus because, in these cases, the patients generally benefit from micro-lipoplasty several months following the tummy tuck.

Lastly, you must rule out the possibility of a fluid collection or seroma; however given that you are 6 months out from surgery, the likelihood that the swelling is fluid is quite low. I would recommend following up with your plastic surgeon and reviewing your concerns with him/her. Ask what the options are if the bulge does indeed persist.

Best of luck !

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Lower belly bulge after tummy tuck

It is difficult to say without an exmaination, photographs, or radiologic testing.

There could be many possible explanations such as hematoma, seroma, edema/swelling, etc. If you are unsatisfied with the explanation your surgeon has provided, then you may want to consider obatining a second opinion.

I have occasionally observed lowe belly fullness that was due to the repositioned muscles that improves with muscle traininng and core strengthening using a Pilates style regimen. Discuss the institution of exercises with your surgeon before beginning this process on your own.

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