Would a Mini Tummy Tuck and Larger Implant Help Me? (photo)

After having plastic surgery to correct my body after years of over eating to deal with molestation at an early age I got pregnant. I have attached pics of my body 6 weeks pp. I gained 50 pounds with my pregnancy and have lost 25, have 25 more to go. I would like to have suggestions on what to do to improve my body after I lose the additional weight......would I benefit from a mini tummy tuck and larger breast implant? Thanks.

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Revision mommy makeover

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It would be better to see what you look like after the next 25 pounds are off.  But it looks like maybe you could just reviise the scar on the abdomen and not even do a miniTT.  As for the breasts, they have drooped and larger implants won't fix that, they will just make them bigger.  So, you might need a lift and new implants.  An in person exam is necessary to make any true recommendations.

Revision of Mommy Makeover Needs to be Tailored to Your Needs Based on Exam

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Hi there-

I'm sorry for your experience...

It is very difficult to say what would be your best option for achievement of your goals after another 25 pound weight loss, as this is undoubtedly going to change your appearance.

I don't think that larger implants by themselves are going to improve your breast outcome, though- it is likely that to look your best you will need a breast re-shaping (lift), with or without that larger implant.

Your best bet is to lose all the weight you plan on losing, then visit your surgeon for an examination and discussion of your goals.

Would a Mini Tummy Tuck and Larger Implant Help Me?

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I think there will likely be changes with another 25 pounds of weight loss, so a mini tummy tuck might do if some of the fat below the skin on your abdomen decreases. I think your breasts might become smaller with more weight loss but you are a little saggy already, so a breast implant alone might make you bigger, but also saggier.

Julio Garcia, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Too soon to tell for tummy tuck and breast lift with or without implants.

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Thank you for your question and the photos. I recommend you wait for 4-6 months after pregnancy to see how your body recovers. In the meantime, while you are waiting, a healthy diet and exercise will help you get back to where you want to before any surgery. Then you can decide. Good Luck.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Re Mommy Makeover?

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It is hard to say what you would need after 25 pounds of additional weight loss.  Your initial 25 pounds of weight loss has not significantly affected your outcome as best that I can tell.  Seek a consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon once your weight loss goal has been met and your weight is stable.


MM #2

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You will need to lose the weight and get further out from your pregnancy to let your breasts recover before a determination could be made.

Mommy make over

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Good for you for overcoming early trauma.

Scar revision is likely all that is needed for the tummy.  Larger implants will improve your proportionality.  Your current implants look a bit high as if they are under the muscle.  Ask your surgeon about inferior pocket/capsule release so that you new implants can flow into the breast space instead of being isolated from the breast by the muscle layer.

Revision tummy tuck and breast implants

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You would be best off to be evaluated after you reached your goal weight.  It seems that you may ultimately benefit from some additional lower tummy skin excision, perhaps with some liposuction (ie. mini-tummy tuck).  If your goal is to have more breast fullness, replacement with larger implants, and possibly a breast lift, may be indicated.  An evaluation with a board certified plastic surgeon will help address your concerns.

Arnold S. Breitbart, MD, FACS
Long Island Plastic Surgeon
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Best to get to desired weight before considering plastic surgery

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You have many options when considering body contour and breast implant revision.  It would be best for you get to your desired weight first and then re-evaluate.   Good luck obtaining your goals


Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck

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Loose the weight first, Then have a consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeo.

You may need a breast lift, with or without change size implants, liposuction and mini abdominoplasty.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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