Is it possible to get a mini tummy tuck and butt implants at the same time? Not happy with my belly or butt (Photo)

Mini tummy tuck and butt implant

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Mini TT and butt implants

Dear Beba,
   Thanks for submitting your picture. From observing your picture, a mini TT tuck will not be a good procedure for you because you have skin and muscle laxity from the chest bone to the pubic bone. I am also wondering if you had liposuction before, due to the diffuse irregularities of your skin. The correct procedure for you will be a full TT. Combining this procedure with butt implants is not wise because of the length of surgery that might increase possible complications and because after surgery you will not be able to lie on you belly or on your back but rather on your sides only which will be very uncomfortable. The best sequence of procedures will be TT followed at a later date with butt implants. Always, consult with board certified plastic surgeons who have lots of experience with TTs and butt implants. Check their before and after pictures to make sure that you like the results. Check also their reviews.
             Best of luck,
                             Dr Widder

Mini Tummy Tuck and butt implants at the same time?

It is possible to combine procedures into a single operation, assuming it is done by an experienced plastic surgeon in the appropriate setting. The issue for you is that I am not sure that a mini TT is the right operation. You probably need a full tummy tuck. Seek an in-person consultation to be sure. 

Full Tummy Tuck

Yes, it is possible to have a tummy tuck and butt implants done in one surgery. It does appear from the photos that you have enough laxity of the skin of the abdomen to get a great result with a straight forward tummy tuck. Best to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area that has an expertise in body contouring to find out exactly what you can expect. Good luck! Dean Vistnes.

M. Dean Vistnes, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 42 reviews

Mini TT and Butt implants

You may be a better candidate for a full tummy tuck instead of the mini due to excess loose skin above the naval as well. A mini tummy tuck may leave you a bit disappointed. It is possible to combine both procedures, but recovery will be longer and more painful. After a tummy tuck you cannot lie on your belly, and after butt implants you cannot sit or lie on your back. Therefore, it will be difficult to find a comfortable, appropriate position to sleep and rest. It is best to do the two procedures separately. 

Orlando Llorente, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Mini tummy tuck and butt implants.

Although, it is possible to have a mini tummy tuck and buttock implants at the same time, from your photo, I would not recommend a mini tummy tuck.  I agree with my fellow plastic surgeons, you would be a much better candidate for a full tuck that would address the loose skin and muscle above the belly button.  From a comfort and safety standpoint, you may be better served by separating the two procedures.  Best wishes, Dr Lepore. 

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Mini tummy tuck and buttock augmentation with implants

The mini tummy tuck addresses the area below the umbilicus and is a procedure that offers a good result for a small percentage of patients.  Most patients who have had children and have a large amount of loose skin over the entire abdomen will require a full tummy tuck.  Your photo indicates that this would be the procedure you would need in order to achieve a good result.  Multiple procedures can be combined but you would need to consult your own plastic surgeon to see if he/she would perform a full tummy tuck as well as buttock implants in one surgery.

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Is it possible to get a mini tummy tuck and butt implants at the same time? Not happy with my belly or butt

Forget the mini TT you need a full TT as seen in the one posted photo. As for gluteal implants- NO photos so can not help in a response... 

Is it possible to get a mini tummy tuck and butt implants at the same time? Not happy with my belly or butt

I perform butt implants as well as BBLs. From the frontal picture, I see a good deal of fat that I could use to revise the Brazilian buttlift. A full tummy tuck would be the appropriate operation based upon the picture and the degree and location of skin laxity.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Is it possible to get a mini tummy tuck and butt implants at the same time? Not happy with my belly or butt

Assuming you are in good health, it is likely that you can combine abdominal wall contouring surgery and buttock implant surgery. However, based on the photograph, you are not a good candidate for mini tummy tuck surgery; a full tummy tuck cooperation would be indicated in your case. Best wishes.

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